Our Drinks Menus

At Ancestral, we believe in spirits that are crafted with passion and skill; we treat them with the respect they are due and serve them to you in perfect condition for optimum enjoyment.

We bring you drinks from around the world that excite and inspire us, drinks you won’t find in every bar, and some you won’t find anywhere else: drinks that tell a story, drinks that can change the world!

Ours is a small collection – tightly-curated by Master of Wine, Stephen Wong, to reflect what we believe in at Ancestral; a moderate approach combining tradition, innovation, new and old flavours, but above all, celebrating difference, diversity, and exploration. Our list uses style categories to represent the wide world of wine available to us beyond the well-known varieties. We prefer estate or domaine wines, made by growers, hand-tended, and lovingly nurtured as naturally as possible. The vast majority of our wines are organic or biodynamic, and several have little to no additions during winemaking. To assist in exploring these wines, everything which is available by the glass can also be ordered in half glass sizes. For peace of mind, we use the Coravin system, Le Verre du Vin and argon blanketing – where appropriate – to ensure that wines served by the glass are preserved properly. We also offer regular supplementary lists of both intriguing and classic wines, and there is a small collection of ‘reserve’ bottles which your server will be more than happy to show you. Drink, be merry; and we wish you a long, prosperous, and happy life!