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“To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven.”

We embrace the cuisine of China, with its depth of history and ancient traditions, and are inspired by the opportunity to apply these traditions to New Zealand’s outstanding produce.

We want to show that, although ancient, many of these dishes can excite and tantalise when presented in a contemporary manner in a modern setting.

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12:00pm to 3:00pm (download pdf)


 (download yakitori bar and street food menu pd)

Yakitori available 5PM-LATE

All dishes can be prepared either TARE/with Ancestral yakitori sauce
or SHIO/ with solar harvested natural sea salt from the South Island. (GF)(V)
All meats are free range

2 skewers Momo Rangitikei corn-fed chicken thigh with spring onion 7.5
2 skewers Tsukune corn-fed chicken, spring onion & ginger meatball 7.5
2 skewers Pork Belly with spring onion 9
2 skewers Pork Belly wrapped Cherry Tomato 9.5
2 skewers Sirloin wrapped Spring Onion 9.5
2 skewers Scotch Fillet with crushed black pepper 10
2 cutlets Lamb Cutlets with cumin, salt and black pepper 10

2 skewers King Prawns with garlic mayonnaise 9
2 oysters Pacific Oysters with Saké, ginger, spring onion 9.5
1 piece Marlborough Salmon with organic sea salt 10

2 skewers Courgette 6.5
2 skewers Mushroom 6.5
2 Seasonal Greens 6.5
4/5 slices Kumara with butter 5.5
4/5 Slices Agria Potato with Japanese mayonnaise 4.5
2 pieces Yakitori Rice Balls 6
1 bowl Edamame Beans 5
tasting platter
Momo, Pork Belly & Cherry Tomato, King Prawns, Sirloin wrapped Asparagus, Courgette 20

Please advise our staff of any allergies or dietary requirements. Gluten free & Vegetarian option available.

Street menu AVAILABLE 12PM-10PM

Ancestral Salt, dried shirmp flakes 5

Wonton Chips (v)
Ancestral Seaweed Salt 6

Spring Rolls
free range chicken, water chestnut, shiitake, celery 12

Crispy Squid
Tossed with Garlic, Red Chilli, Ancestral Salt 8

Pan Fried Pork, Prawns and Chives Dumplings
Garlic, Black Vinegar Dressing 12

Pork Belly Bun
handmade steamed buns, crispy pork belly, cucumber,
homemade pickles, hoisin sauce 14
All our dim sum and dumplings are handmade inhouse

something sweet
Whittaker’s Chocolate Mousse (v) 72% dark ghana, orange liqueur, almond crumble, star anise, raspberry coulis, candied orange 13

Amaretto Soy Milk ‘Panna Cotta’ (df)(gf)
Spiced Poached Pears, Gula Melaka Syrup, Toasted Almonds 12

Mango Pudding (gf)
Grapefruit, Sago, Whipped Coconut Cream 12


from 5:30pm (download pdf)


fire 火 $55 per person
minimum of 2 people

1 ⁄ King Salmon

2 ⁄ steamed Dim Sum platter

3 ⁄ Market Fish – hong kong style
gingers, spring onions, capsicums

4 ⁄ free range gong bao chicken

5 ⁄ Mango pudding (gf)

earth 土 $44 per person
minimum of 2 people

1 ⁄ MaPo Egg Tofu (v)

2 ⁄ Steamed vegetarian dumplings (v)

3 ⁄ crispy aubergine (v)

4 ⁄ buddha’s hot pot (v)

5 ⁄ Whittaker’s Chocolate Mousse

King Salmon 16.50
lapsang souchong tea-smoked Salmon, egg, wood ear mushroom, celery

Rare Seared Beef 16.50
sous-vide seared sirloin, radish pickles, garlic

MaPo Egg Tofu (v) 14.50
house made egg tofu, mapo sauce, celery , capsicum

Steamed free range chicken dumplings 12.00
button mushroom, wood ear mushrooms, cabbage, black pepper

pork, prawn & shiitake dim sum 16.00
green pea purée, chilli oil, truffle-mushroom emulsion

Vegetarian Dumplings (v) 10.00
wood ear mushrooms, shiitake, bamboo shoots, cabbage, vermicelli

steamed Dim Sum platter 19.00
chicken dumplings, dim sum, vegetarian dumplings

Pan fried pork, prawns & chives dumplings 12.00
garlic, black vinegar dressing

Steamed Pork Belly Buns 14.00
handmade steamed buns, crispy roasted pork belly, cucumber, hoisin sauce, pickles

All our dim sum and dumplings are handmade inhouse.


Banana Prawns (served in shell) 22.00
iron goddess of mercy tea leaves, garlic, ginger

Scallops 29.00
wok fried with home made XO sauce and Chinese greens

Market Fish
sichuan style: tianjin pickles, chilli, garlic 24.00
chui chow style: preserved mustard greens, shiitake, fresh tomato salsa (gf) 26.00

lettuce cup duck 19.00
stir fried duck, mushrooms, chilli, water chestnuts, cashew nut

pork two ways 29.00
crispy roasted pork belly, honey barbecue pork, toasted sesame seeds, mustard

tea smoked free range chickeN (bone in) (½ chicken) (gf) 28.00
iron goddess of mercy tea leaves, Ancestral salt

beef tenderloin 32.00
black pepper : wok fried with black pepper, honey and oyster sauce
empire sauce: sweet and rich, prepared to a secret hong kong family recipe (gf)

beef sirloin 34.00
wok fried with fresh shiitake, oyster mushrooms, wood ear, truffle oil

crispy skin pi pa duck (½ duck) 32.00
homemade hoi sin glaze, plum sauce

free range gong bao chicken 24.00
sichuan pepper, dried chilli, cashew nuts, spring onion

crispy aubergine (v) (gf option available) 16.00
wok simmered garlic ginger dipping sauce

buddha’s hot pot (v) (sizzling hot pot) 19.00
red braised mushrooms, bamboo, tofu


Bok Choy 9.00
stir fried with garlic

green beans (gf) (v option available) 10.00
preserved vegetables, ground pork, garlic

steamed jasmine rice (v)(Gf) 5.00

steamed multi grain rice (v)(gf) 8.00
black rice, red rice, brown rice, white rice, toasted pumpkin seeds

fried rice (v)(gf) 9.00
egg, chinese greens

Whittaker’s chocolate mousse (v) (gf option available) 13.00
72% dark ghana, orange liqueur, almond crumble, star anise, raspberry coulis, candied orange

Amaretto soy panna cotta (df)(gf) 12.00
honey-spiced poached pears, gula melaka syrup, toasted almonds

Mango pudding (gf) 12.00
mango, ruby grapefruit, sago, whipped coconut cream

Our menu is designed for shared dinning.

*Please advise our staff of any allergies or dietary requirements.